A perfect EFF score! We’re proud to have your back.


Yep, this is where I work. And I couldn’t be more proud.

The WordPress.com Blog

Concerns about online privacy and illicit government snooping are at the top of users’ minds, now more than ever. We appreciate that you trust us to safeguard your sensitive information on WordPress.com, and Automattic has a long-standing commitment to defending your rights and holding firm against legal bullying and over-reaching government requests. We work to have the most stringent, user-friendly policies possible within the law, and to be as transparent as we can about information requests we receive and how we respond to them.

Our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), on organization dedicated to defending your digital rights, recognized our efforts in their latest annual Who Has Your Back report, which evaluates the user privacy practices of prominent online service providers. We’re proud to receive a perfect score of five stars on the report, one of only eight (out of 24) companies to earn that honor. You can learn more about EFF’s evaluation…

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Classic Albums: Duran Duran – Rio


Holy cow, this entire post just zipped me back 30 years to the summer of 1985, when I would hang around the living room with my cousins in Manila on Sunday mornings and wait with eager anticipation for that one precious hour when VH-1 would air. (Yes, it was only a show, not an entire station, at the time, at least in the Philippines.) The entire neighborhood would hear our screams anytime a Duran Duran video would come in. Such good times.


Duran Duran - Classic Albums - RioSynopsis: This Classic Albums film tells the story behind the writing, recording and subsequent success of ‘Rio’ through interviews, musical demonstrations, and archive footage. Original band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor are all interviewed along with director Russell Mulcahy, former manager Paul Berrow, journalist Beverley Glick, designer Anthony Price and Bob Geldof amongst others. ‘Rio’ captures Duran Duran at the height of their powers, with wall-to-wall hits and great videos: a Classic Album of its time.


Classic Albums: Duran Duran – Rio 8.0

eyelights: the interviews. the overview of the making of the band and album. the wealth of supplemental material.
eyesores: its relative brevity.

“I think that’s a combination of a band at the top of its game, who’s having so much fun playing every day, that is playing more than it thought it would play, and an engineer-producer who knows…

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Balance Is the Key to Maximizing Net Worth Growth


As someone deeply interested in ensuring the financial stability of my family, all of this is excellent, timely advice.

Thoughts of an Anonymous Lawyer

Someone recently asked me what I thought was the most important contributor to growing net worth.  For someone in the accumulation stage, the most important thing to do is balance the three prongs of growth: (1) maximizing income, (2) minimizing expenses, and (3) investing.  Ignoring any one of these prongs will handicap your NW growth.


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Considering Bernie


Simon Ouderkirk


TL:DR – go to http://www.considerbernie.com and share it with your friends. Thanks!

As some of you know, I am mildly obsessed with the prospect of Bernie Sanders, United States Senator from Vermont, making a run for the Democratic nomination for the Presidential election in 2016.

When Bernie officially announced, and this is serious, I called his office in Washington, I called his office in Burlington, I emailed every email address on his website, and I posted to Reddit, hoping to use my weird collection of internet and technology skills to work for his campaign – Google Analytics? Done. Growth engineering? Give me the keys to Optimizely and _get out of the way_.

I never heard back. I was, and am, seriously disappointed. As an employed tech professional offering a valuable skillset for $0, it’s a real bummer to make a genuine, heartfelt effort and have it fall upon deaf ears.

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Coming June 24: A Special Longreads Live Storytelling Night in San Francisco


I attended a Longreads storytelling event during the Portland Press Publish event a few weeks ago and was enthralled. If you’re in the San Francisco area on June 24, I highly recommend that you attend this!


Save the date! On June 24, Longreads will be hosting a free night of storytelling at the Booksmith in San Francisco, featuring:

Clara Jeffery (Mother Jones)

Mat Honan (BuzzFeed)

Susie Cagle (journalist & illustrator)

Elizabeth Lopatto (The Verge)

Emily Thelin (writer, Food & Wine)

Dan Stone (Radio Silence)

* * *

Wednesday, June 24, 7:30 p.m.

The Booksmith

1644 Haight Street

San Francisco, CA 94117


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The Business of Freelancing, Blogging, and Books, According to Author Jennifer Armstrong


Great interview with a full-time, working freelance writer, including a peek into her daily routine and how she manages to fit in writing books, writing blog posts, and pitching stories in her packed schedule.

The WordPress.com Blog

First, I should note: I am not related to Jennifer Armstrong. But! I have followed her writing closely over the years — first during her years at Entertainment Weekly, and more recently as the author of books like Mary and Lou and Rhoda and Ted (Simon & Schuster), which offered a definitive history of the classic TV series. Her blog also happens to be a must-follow on WordPress.com: She gives glimpses into her current work (she’s doing a Seinfeld book next) and she’s refreshingly transparent about the business (and hard truths) of being a freelance writer in 2015. I spoke with her via email about the business of writing and tips for how she makes time for her own blog.

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Press Publish, Phoenix


I worked the event as well as part of my job as an Automattician and loved just about all of it. More thoughts of my own about the event, but in the meantime my colleague and friend Karen wrote a great post about it as well. Enjoy!

Karen Alma

This past Saturday, April 18th,  I got to hang out with about 130 amazing bloggers and 13 of my coworkers at Press Publish in Phoenix, a new WordPress.com offering. The first one was in Portland a couple weeks ago.

I gave a 15 minute presentation about Blogging on the Go with the WP mobile app and spent the rest of the time at the Happiness Bar helping people with WordPress questions and issues.


While I’ve been at my fair share of conferences and have enjoyed them all, Press Publish had a unique vibe that I can’t quite place my finger on. Perhaps it was the focus on blogging, the workshops about writing, and presentations about finding your voice. Perhaps it was the energy of notable bloggers like Kathy Cano-Murillo, Russ CrandallKatherineFritz and Emily Austin. Or perhaps it was the sea of smiling enthusiastic Automatticians (my coworkers at Automattic), I always…

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Walking While Working – Another Step For Focus


Been wanting to get a treadmill desk for awhile. Now that I have the Bekant standing desk from IKEA, now I just need to get the actual “tread” part suitable for it.

Quite a few of my colleagues at Automattic have already jumped on the treadmill desk bandwagon, including Aaron (below). I’m suffering now from tread-desking envy, especially as I glance at my FitBit and see just how woefully low my numbers are. Snow and ice outside the window will do that to you.

The Dangling Pointer

Walking While You Work

I’m not going to link to any articles or research about the benefits of walking while you work. I’ve been standing at my desk since I started working at home and to me this is the next progression. I have ADHD and I’m always trying to find ways to hack my brain. I decided to get in on the treadmill desk game.

The First Steps

A couple months back I ended up buying a cheapie treadmill on Amazon to experiment with walking while working. I used it a couple of times with some success but I ultimately felt it didn’t provide much help for my focus. I kept doing research to determine what the issue was and spent time observing myself during a walking session with it. I was surprised it wasn’t obvious why I didn’t like this experiment.

Primarily the treadmill is too narrow for my…

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