Obama's speech at Fayetteville State


This was the event I attended at Fayetteville State University yesterday featuring President Obama. The man stood out from the beginning, and quite a few of us had noticed him earlier in the event, although we had no idea he would turn out to be a Trump supporter.


A lot of the articles describing the crowd reaction got it completely wrong. People weren’t angry (although I’m sure there were a few here and there who might have been). Most of the people I saw were amused, surprised, maybe a little puzzled, but not angry. We all started chanting “Hillary” as he continued to wave his banner, but the energy was overwhelmingly positive and spirited, not angry. If anything a few of us were laughing because the situation seemed absurd.

It turned out to be a momentary distraction, and within minutes we had refocused our attention on the president’s inspiring speech.


I voted.


I knew I’d be excited about voting for Hillary Clinton. I know it’s an historic moment, that I would remember this day for a very long time. 

What I didn’t expect would happen was that I’d be overcome with emotion right at the voting booth. I saw Hillary’s name on the electronic ballot, and I had to pause and swallow hard. 

I’ve been campaigning for her for weeks, making phone calls to battleground states, writing the local campaign office’s newsletter, and drumming up as much enthusiasm as I can on social media. I hadn’t really given myself much time to stop and consider just how momentous this is. All of it. 

My friends know this, but I’ve wanted Hillary to run for office since she first burst into the public consciousness in 1992. I was among the many, many young women dazzled and inspired by this incredible woman with the brilliant mind and strength of character. I wanted her self-confidence, her self-possession, her unshakable belief in herself and her mission. 

Now, 24 years later, I’m actually voting for her. She’s on the ballot. And barring any October or November surprises, it looks like she might actually win. It looks like she really will become the next president of the United States.

I did cry, just a little bit. And then I lightly pressed my finger on the touchscreen and chose her as my candidate. My 20-year-old self cheered.