Rave Run: Rain


“Rave runs” seem to be a popular blog post topic, so I figured I’d add some of my own. This one qualified not because of location (it’s the same neighborhood I get 90% of my runs in) but because of circumstances: it was the first time I’d ever run through a major storm, complete with wind, lots of lightning and thunder. At one point a thunderclap boomed so close behind me I instinctively ducked, thinking it must’ve been just yards away. In hindsight it was probably not the smartest decision to run through a storm, but I’m still happy to mark it off as a Rave Run.

The only downside? Coming home to a house with no power. No power = no hot coffee, no way to make my favorite post-run meal (steel cut oats with soy milk), no Sunday morning “Golden Girls” on TV. At least I could still have a hot shower, albeit using flashlights.