PROPERTY is FREE 1st & 2nd JAN 2017


The funny author so eloquently invites folks to *Download the fucking thing now*, so what ARE you waiting for? It’s a free Kindle book, and you *know* you’re curious. What kind of book could a man named “Jack Binding” possibly write? Well, download it and find out.


Got the hangover from hell?

Started off 2017 with a mouth that feels like sandpaper?

Haven’t slept and waiting for that comedown to kick in?

Regretting sending that person a suggestive text at midnight, and embarrassed because, no matter how much you’ve stared at your phone since, they still haven’t replied?

Waiting for Domino’s to open so you can order a large meat feast with 2 premium sides?

Did you really take that Uber at 6x surge price?

Well, HAPPY NEW YEAR, motherfuckers!

To make you feel a little better about life and to ease you gently into 2017, Property is free on on 1st and 2nd January 2017.

Here’s the very tiny blurb:

You’ve bought a brand new apartment. The taps glisten. The rain shower falls hot and heavy. But beneath it all lurks something evil…

And here are a few snippets of feedback for you:

‘Subtle hints, self-realization, and…

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