Obama’s speech at Fayetteville State


This was the event I attended at Fayetteville State University yesterday featuring President Obama. The man stood out from the beginning, and quite a few of us had noticed him earlier in the event, although we had no idea he would turn out to be a Trump supporter.


A lot of the articles describing the crowd reaction got it completely wrong. People weren’t angry (although I’m sure there were a few here and there who might have been). Most of the people I saw were amused, surprised, maybe a little puzzled, but not angry. We all started chanting “Hillary” as he continued to wave his banner, but the energy was overwhelmingly positive and spirited, not angry. If anything a few of us were laughing because the situation seemed absurd.

It turned out to be a momentary distraction, and within minutes we had refocused our attention on the president’s inspiring speech.