A little running problem


I love Mike Rowe. I can listen to Mike Rowe talk all day long. Not only does he have that delicious voice, he’s also a compelling storyteller. So I was looking forward to listening to his interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast during my morning run.

Big mistake. First of all, the first 10 minutes are flat out hilarious — I was running out of energy too soon in my run because I was laughing so hard.

Then Mike, encouraged by Tim, went into detail about a particular episode of his show Dirty Jobs where he had to castrate sheep. I tried to stick with it. I don’t eat lamb precisely because I know the suffering these poor animals endure, but I was willing to give the podcast a chance because (a) Mike Rowe, and (b) I knew the story would be over soon.

Not soon enough. I threw up in, uhm, a neighbor’s bushes and switched to my trusty Spotify running playlist to scrub the story from my brain. I’ll try again next week, but maybe skip over that part.