Portable inbox acquired


It’s an odd fact of modern life – even with all the technological doodads and whatchamacallits we surround ourselves with – that the amount of paperwork we must deal with on a daily basis seems to be exponentially larger than that generated a mere generation ago.

In any case, that sad observation aside, I must get these folders.

All Narfed Up

I finally have a set of Lightahead® LA-7550 clear document snap button color document folders, which I’ll use for my inbox in a few places:

  • Backpack: Coworking or traveling.
  • Suitcase: Traveling, papers to shred.
  • Car

Following GTD methodology, these folders will keep loose papers in one place when I’m away from my home office. When I return, I dump them all into the inbox on my desk.

When I’m on a trip, I scan receipts with my iPhone 6 into Scanner Pro, and those receipts can be shred safely. To keep the edges clear, I’ll label one of the folders accordingly.

Remember: If you don’t have an inbox, everything is your inbox!

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