Classic Albums: Duran Duran – Rio


Holy cow, this entire post just zipped me back 30 years to the summer of 1985, when I would hang around the living room with my cousins in Manila on Sunday mornings and wait with eager anticipation for that one precious hour when VH-1 would air. (Yes, it was only a show, not an entire station, at the time, at least in the Philippines.) The entire neighborhood would hear our screams anytime a Duran Duran video would come in. Such good times.


Duran Duran - Classic Albums - RioSynopsis: This Classic Albums film tells the story behind the writing, recording and subsequent success of ‘Rio’ through interviews, musical demonstrations, and archive footage. Original band members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor and Roger Taylor are all interviewed along with director Russell Mulcahy, former manager Paul Berrow, journalist Beverley Glick, designer Anthony Price and Bob Geldof amongst others. ‘Rio’ captures Duran Duran at the height of their powers, with wall-to-wall hits and great videos: a Classic Album of its time.


Classic Albums: Duran Duran – Rio 8.0

eyelights: the interviews. the overview of the making of the band and album. the wealth of supplemental material.
eyesores: its relative brevity.

“I think that’s a combination of a band at the top of its game, who’s having so much fun playing every day, that is playing more than it thought it would play, and an engineer-producer who knows…

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