Walking While Working – Another Step For Focus


Been wanting to get a treadmill desk for awhile. Now that I have the Bekant standing desk from IKEA, now I just need to get the actual “tread” part suitable for it.

Quite a few of my colleagues at Automattic have already jumped on the treadmill desk bandwagon, including Aaron (below). I’m suffering now from tread-desking envy, especially as I glance at my FitBit and see just how woefully low my numbers are. Snow and ice outside the window will do that to you.

The Dangling Pointer

Walking While You Work

I’m not going to link to any articles or research about the benefits of walking while you work. I’ve been standing at my desk since I started working at home and to me this is the next progression. I have ADHD and I’m always trying to find ways to hack my brain. I decided to get in on the treadmill desk game.

The First Steps

A couple months back I ended up buying a cheapie treadmill on Amazon to experiment with walking while working. I used it a couple of times with some success but I ultimately felt it didn’t provide much help for my focus. I kept doing research to determine what the issue was and spent time observing myself during a walking session with it. I was surprised it wasn’t obvious why I didn’t like this experiment.

Primarily the treadmill is too narrow for my…

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