Quick, useful radio interview with Darren Rowse


If you’re looking to blog for money, Darren Rowse should definitely be on your feed reader list. He’s the founder and publisher of the phenomenally popular Problogger.net, which offers daily tips on how to grow your blog audience and earn a good income from your efforts.

Here’s a link to a recent radio interview Darren had with an Australian radio show (Darren lives Down Under). It’s a quick listen (about 14 minutes), so grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea and have a go.

My takeaways:

a) Network, network, network.

b) Create useful content.

c) Post regularly.

d) Find a niche.

e) Repeat ad nauseam.

2 thoughts on “Quick, useful radio interview with Darren Rowse

  1. Thanks for the link. I found Problogger.com to be so helpful when I was first starting out. So much info–it was really overwhelming.

  2. Hi, Asianmommy! Yeah, I agree. I have Darren’s blog on my feedreader, obviously, but I haven’t had much time to really delve into all the incredibly useful information on there. I have his book, too, but have yet to read it in its entirety. My goal is to get it read by next week, though, and really implement some of his ideas. I’m sure I’m making a lot of mistakes!

    What did you think of the audio interview? Did you learn anything new?


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