Sarah Palin book on


You know they were just waiting for this to happen.

I heard an interview on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday this morning with Kaylene Johnson, who apparently just published a book about Sarah Palin. Whaddya know, it’s already out of stock on and According to Borders’ Web site, they have it in stock, but I don’t trust them to have it delivered to me before we leave for Singapore. Epicenter Press, the book’s publisher, appears to have copies available for purchase on their Web site, too, although again, it won’t arrive in time for my trip.

And someone’s already taken advantage of the situation by posting a brand-new copy on’s Marketplace and pricing it at $150.00. Just an hour ago there were two sellers offering a copy each; the cheaper one was $105.00. If (here’s hoping) the Republican ticket loses, I wouldn’t be surprised if that copy ended up in some yard sale in six months, regardless of Gov. Palin’s historic run.

Writer and journalist Ms. Johnson must be over the moon. If you listen to her on the NPR interview, it’s obvious that the writer is unfailingly complimentary to the Alaskan governor. When asked of Gov. Palin’s weaknesses, she had a gushy, worshipful answer about the VP candidate being all strong and amazing. I guess for now we’ll have to settle for what may be a biased book about Palin, at least until a few other journalists and political pundits have finished furiously penning their own books about her in time for the November elections.