Flight of the Conchords and the Emmys


Okay, this is why I don’t watch award shows. I’ve no clue what the dynamics are of the nominating process, or even who exactly does all the nominating, but for Flight of the Conchords not to be nominated in the Outstanding Comedy Series category is a huge, huge travesty, an injustice of the highest (lowest?) order.

It’s only small consolation that they did receive noms for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the episode “Sally Returns.” I think I actually prefer “Girlfriends” and “Bret Gives Up the Dream,” but at least it does have that awesome, unforgettable song, “Business Time,” which seems to be everyone’s fave FOTC tune.

But seriously, though, how could they overlook it for the big kahuna, Outstanding Comedy Series, in favor of fading stars like The Office? Did these people actually watch the entire 4th season of The Office? Since it began introducing more and more out-of-the-office segments and too-implausible-to-believe plotlines like Ryan getting promoted to Jan’s position, it’s definitely lost much of its luster, not to mention its humor. The first 2 seasons were classic, but since the 3rd season — I would say since they promoted Ryan and got Jim and Pam together — The Office has lost much of its bittersweet edge.

Only Michael (Steve Carrell) Scott’s presence manages to inject some of its traditional bite, but is he enough to save the show? Can they perhaps do more with the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle, as they did with Jim and Pam? Can they bring back Toby from Costa Rica or wherever they threw him? Can they focus on more Office stuff and not get so distracted by all these stereotypical sitcom situations they’re bringing in? And can they please break Jim and Pam up and bring back Karen? They were fun to watch when they were just flirting, but now they’ve become about as exciting as Pam’s pastel twinsets. Yawn.

I hope the Emmy people will wake up and realize what a goldmine HBO has with the FOTC guys and their unique brilliance. Maybe they will by the 2nd season, but I suspect that with the guys developing this cult following and the limitations imposed by their show’s storyline, they won’t be around cable much longer.