No more telephones?


This is interesting. James of Men with Pens recently wrote a post about not using the telephone for business purposes anymore. He basically sums up his philosophy thusly:

These people who would hinge working together on my willingness to talk on the phone are turning their nose up at my skills and abilities for extremely poor reasons that don’t hold water. They question my character, my integrity and my personality based on a phone call.

Good point, James. Not being a big phone person myself, I can totally relate. I can spend hours on the telephone, which may be great when I’m chatting with a friend or family member, but not so much if I’m trying to get a project done. Still, I’m not sure I’d be willing to give up the phone completely. Sometimes it’s easier to just conduct quick business over the phone, especially if you or your caller has a simple question. Why complicate things by making people fire up their computer just to throw you that question?

What do you think?