News flash! Corporate blogs are freakin’ dull!


No duh.

I rarely, rarely read corporate blogs. The only ones I have in my Google Reader at the moment are those belonging to Red Hat and Soft Skull Press (although I doubt the latter would look too kindly at my referring to their blog as “corporate” in nature). I like Red Hat’s not just because it’s related to some work I do for an online IT publication, but also because they just have really interesting notes about their programming. They’re not just regurgitated press releases or self-serving news (although in essence, that’s what they are). They obviously put a lot of effort into ensuring that they provide useful info on their blogs for their readers, and I appreciate that.

Otherwise, corporate blogs are so tired, most often it’s in the company’s best interest to just get rid of them. I associate boring corporate blogs with a boring, non-innovative corporate structure. If they’re not willing to invest in the resources to engage actively with their customers and fans in the most user-friendly way possible, then how could I possibly think that they’d be willing to make any effort in ensuring that my business with them will be pleasant and productive for me?

So if any corporate entities are reading this post (or that article I linked to above) and are wondering what they can do to ensure that their blog reflects the dynamism and customer service-orientation of their company, ask me. I’d love to help you figure out if your communications/marketing efforts in your blog(s) are optimized and reaching your target audience.