What’s better than meeting your deadline?


Meeting your deadline on a Friday afternoon so that you have the entire weekend to just play and, more importantly, sleep.

I can’t stand deadlines, and yet I can’t live without them. I spend half the time leading up to the deadline working my ass off, and the other half zoned out in front of the telly, watching Flight of the Conchords or Battlestar Galactica, not answering the phone and usually eating things my doctor would frown upon if he knew.

Still, counting down to deadline is always loads of fun, if not entirely stress-free. My whole mind telescopes and zooms in on that critical hour when everything must be done done done. Whereas I’m often too distracted to put all my attention to any one project when I’m at my leisure, the precious time left before the deadline is always so extremely, deliciously productive. I don’t even need coffee — although it’s always a plus — because the adrenaline more than compensates.

This morning I woke up with Jemaine Clement singing “Business Time” in my head, and I knew that it was going to be a good day. Ahhhh, yeahhhh.

2 thoughts on “What’s better than meeting your deadline?

  1. I hear what you’re saying about deadlines. It’s good when they’re met and maddening when they’re not. I’m certainly learning that lesson.My son introduced me to Flight of the Conchords. They are pretty hilarious.Did you happen to catch the A&E remake of The Andromeda Strain that was originally set for airing on SciFi but got moved to A&E? I’m interested in your opinion if you did see it. Thanks very much for the info on Vista print. I’ve used them for printing a couple of times, but didn’t know about their website services. I might have a use for that in a little bit.Take care..John

  2. Hi, John, and thanks for dropping by!I love love love Flight of the Conchords! They’re my new pick-me-up habit, i.e., when I’m feeling rather down or just not physically well, I pop in the DVD and watch a few episodes from the series. Never fails to bring me back up again! Have you seen Jemaine Clement’s 2007 indie film <>Eagle vs. Shark<>? Lovely small film. A different character for him, but he’s really growing as an actor.I did see The Andromeda Strain! I haven’t seen the original, nor have I read the book, but I thought it was actually pretty good. The special effects weren’t bad for a cable-TV sci-fi show, and it’s always fun to see Christa Miller in a different role from her usual bitter-Jordan schtick on Scrubs! šŸ˜‰What I detested was the part where the two guys played by Ricky Schroeder and Daniel Dae Kim died in that nuclear wastewater pool (or whatever it was — I forget). It seemed incredibly pointless and didn’t advance their respective characters’ storylines <>at all<>. I was left thinking, okay, they saved the building — and their colleagues — from total annihilation, but what did that mean for their <>own<> personal stories? They started out as cynical, bitter men with hidden agendas, and they ended the film pretty much the same way, albeit as national heroes to boot. But their deaths seemed to unnecessary, you know? I like main characters to evolve — maybe we could have seen the two guys have <>one<> scene where they discover the humanity in each other or whatever, something that otherwise redeems their shady pasts. Maybe the fatal heroics were enough, but not if the characters were shallow to begin with.Plus, I hated the whole thumb-cutting scene. The execution — pardon the expression — seemed more laughable than poignant.What did you think?And did you see the mid-season finale of Battlestar Galactica? Whoa, talk about a rousing finale. I’m bummed that I have to wait at least six months — maybe more — to see what happens next!Let me know what you think of VistaPrint’s Web site design business. I’d be interested in your opinion.Cheers,Marjorie

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