X-Men (and -Women!) Unite!


Apparently, the good folks over at http://www.fark.com (which I wish was actually named frak.com, but oh well) have linked to the column I wrote last week about the disappearance of Generation X, i.e., my people. Thanks, Fark guys! (Although I’m not Some Guy, as you describe me, but s’okay.)

Anyhoo, I’ve received tons of email today from Gen-X’ers all over the country letting me know that they’ve been thinking exactly the same thing. Yay! We’re not the Silent Minority after all. Seriously, where’s our version of The Big Chill? Why don’t we have a bajillion books and advertising dollars thrown our way? Where’s the recognition of us as a generation that drove the initial Internet revolution? Remember when my people suddenly showed the world that we weren’t just slackers, but rather creative revolutionaries who worked our asses off for the love of an idea rather than the pursuit of money? Oh sure, we have a few billionaires among us, many of whom became so nearly overnight based on nothing but those ideas, but for the most part, we proved just how hard-working, brilliant and passionate we are.

I love hearing from other X-ers about where they are, what they’re thinking, what they’re doing, how they’re living in the shadows of the Boomers that came before us and the Y’s bringing up the rear. Bring ’em on, folks! I want to hear more about where you are in this world, and why you think we’re the Coolest Generation ever, if not the Greatest.