Secrets and Surprises and New Careers


You know what I find irritating? When bloggers write something like, “I’m working on a big project right now that will change my entire life and possibly make me a multi-bajillionaire, but I’m not ready to share it with the world yet, so you’ll just have to wait until I have all the facts in order, my hair is in the right place, my lipstick isn’t smudged, and my stars are all aligned, before all is revealed.”

Or something to that effect.


If it’s such a big secret, do us a favor and don’t tell us about it until you’re ready. And telling us that you’re not going to tell us counts as telling us. Copy that? You’re not Master of the Universe, the center of all that is good and holy. Please don’t act as if we’ve nothing better to do than to wait breathlessly for the next installment of Your Life. So spare us the suspense and just share the news when you’re ready to do so.

Hmm. If I sound a little grouchy, I’m probably just coming off a quick M&M-induced sugar high. And I’m doing this work in the lobby of the local hospital while I wait for B. to get off work. The custodian emptying the trash keeps wanting to chat with me, which I don’t mind except I’m working. And he keeps calling me “Sweetie.” **slow burn**

2 thoughts on “Secrets and Surprises and New Careers

  1. Hi Marjorie,So this is where you’ve been:) I completely relate with this post. It bugs me too when a blogger writes about upcoming things that they only refer to in the most enigmatic way, like the CIA will come down from high heavens if they reveal the “secret”. I do not like teaser entries. Dude, just tell it (ALL of it) when you’re good and ready, not when you’re still deciding, because, guess what, everyone’s been down this road before…I think we might have read the same blogger. She does this often:) At first, I enjoyed her entries but I felt she wrote too much about the TV shows and movies she was watching. And when she finally wrote about actual stuff she was too nebulous. I got the impression she was a big deal in our community (judging by the hits she was getting) but now, I just don’t get why.Off topic, I miss you on MIFG. But I understand you need to take care of your career first.

  2. I agree. And the girl at Starbucks, who can’t be any older than I am, calls me “hon.” If you were a 70-year-old woman, it’d be one thing, but I am not your hon!

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