Planner Death


Dear God, I’ve become a Planner Person again. I read something the other day (can’t remember where) about how women tote Day Planners while men have those little pocket calendars that literally can fit it one’s pocket. Hell, B. has gone through at least 2-3 the last five years, all of which he’s promptly lost within days after getting it. I think he’s given up on the process. Either that, or he was just doing it to please me and my incoherent rants about his need to “organize stuff.” Somehow, though, he still manages to make his appointments.

I swore in my last day job (for the umpteenth time, but whatever) that I. Would. Not. Carry. Another. Damn. Day. Planner.

But sheesh, they sneak up on you like some infectious disease and won’t let go until you’ve surrendered your freedom to its relentless need for complete control. Arrrrggghh!

Mine isn’t so bad. It’s about the side of a small hardback, only a little thicker. But I can’t carry it in my pocket, and it can be kinda unwieldy and, well, corporate. Precisely the last thing I want to be right now.

Welcome to the world of The Man.

Anyhoo, speaking of defying the man, check out this awesome blog of a very cool Austin-based artist and illustrator named Travis Nichols. I found him months ago but have only now gotten back to following his latest exploits on his site. His art isn’t necessarily my cuppa, but his personality and writing style are very appealing. Plus, he lives in Austin! And hates corporate America! And he’s really funny! And probably doesn’t carry a Day Planner or even a pocket calendar. My hero.

Also, here’s a new corporate site I found called PluggedIn, featuring HD music and concert videos, including that of my fave contemporary artist, Rufus Wainwright singing my never-get-tired-of-it song, Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. Seriously, the video quality is way better than what you can find on YouTube, although the selection is very limited. What? No Sugar Ray? Hurry up and upload them already!

2 thoughts on “Planner Death

  1. I have moved from the 8×10 month at a glance Wal-Mart special planner to a Moleskine week-at-a-glance model that allows me to jot down stuff.My goal in life has been to embrace the planner (albeit not that tightly) and avoid the true move to the dark side..a all costs. Those little Moleskine books they sell at Borders with the graph paper inside are my guilty pleasure, and I found the website where they sell the entire line. Dangerous stuff.I wouldn’t worry about the little planner. When the life is pushing you inexorably toward a Crackberry, that’s when it’s time to worry.John

  2. Hi, <>John<>!I love Moleskines!I used to have a Palm, back when I had the uber-corporate job. When I left that position, I took it with me but ended up just giving it away to a friend. Never missed it. I still like my planner. It’s not especially large — hardback book-sized — and can still fit into my big purse (ONLY my <>big<> purse, of course). Like Linus’ ubiquitous blanket, it gives me a sense of security that a pocket planner just can’t.I used to work for someone who was constantly on his Blackberry during meetings, lunches, breakfasts, dinners, etc. Couldn’t stand it. I don’t care if you’re CEO of the biggest company in the world. If the president of the US can get by without one, so can he.Cheers,Marjorie

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