Geeks Rule!


Found a cool new magazine at the bookstore today!!! Actually, I’d noticed Geek Monthly before, when I saw the premiere issue several months ago on the newsstands. Hard to miss Rainn Wilson‘s smug mug leaping off the cover. I also couldn’t resist reading the article featuring cover model Tina Fey, one of my all-time favorite screenwriters/actors.

I don’t know what drew me to this month’s issue, though. Certainly not the Futurama cover — never saw the show, never was interested. Maybe it was the Ed Helms article, or the one about the “most damaging Christmas specials ever.” Whatever it was that attracted my attention, I’m glad it did ’cause I found the writing to be refreshingly irreverent, snarky and just all around funny and smart. And I don’t mean “smart” the way women’s mags say they’re “smart.” You know what I mean? They claim to speak to a readership composed of “smart, savvy women,” while vomiting — er, printing — features each month that instruct their supposedly brilliant audience how to trim inches off their thighs or get buttery highlights just like Kate Hudson.

Anyway, this one’s smart in that they assume their readers have functioning brains and funny bones. One “random review” of Grapples had me laughing so hard, if I were still drinking coffee it would’ve shot out of my nose. Seriously. And another review of a Japanese Western made the film so intriguing that I just had to write the title down for a future Netflix order, despite my dislike of Western films in general, Asian or otherwise.

Yeah, I’m in love. I’m filling out the subscription card tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Geeks Rule!

  1. Hmmm, very interesting! I haven’t run across this magazine yet — but it sounds like fun! 🙂I hope you’ve had a great weekend, and you’re smokin’ on NaNo!

  2. Hi, TL! I just realized I never responded to this comment!Yeah, it really was a fun magazine to read. Lots of interesting profiles and trivia, plus the writing is just funny and smart!I have less than 2k to go, so I’m going to take a break today (worked my one-day-a-week-day-job today) to rest before I crank it up for the final finish. I’m so psyched at how far we’ve come!Cheers,Marjorie

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