We've Declared War!


Finally, dammit! December 8, 1941, has finally arrived in Singapore. My character’s woken up to the sound of bombs and air raid sirens outside his window, and he’s not altogether pleased about it (although I’m sure he’s relieved that we can finally get on with the bloody story).

Weekends are so not good for me and my novel-writing, especially when B. has a 4-day weekend. That just means that all good intentions to work on the novel fly out the window as we sip coffee at our favorite coffee shop, hang out at home watching movies, and updating blogs (well, I updated my blogs).

So I’ve plenty of catching up to do, but no matter. Because of the 4-day hiatus (and I had a sudden bout of the flu yesterday, which also knocked me off schedule), I’m a wee bit behind, but fortunately I’ve been exceeding the 1700/day word limit anyway. In any case, my current goal is 3,000/day for the next 6 days to catch up. Thank God I don’t have a day job. And thank God the end of November is near. (Have we really been doing this for almost two weeks?)

Today’s writing wasn’t all that, by the way. Mostly because of the hiatus, I’m sure, so the flow wasn’t quite there. It’s amazing how quickly you develop “rust” if you skip for even a day, let alone four. I did, however, get lots of inspiration this weekend as I watched a great film from France called The Silence of Sleep about two artists who try to make their way in a world that’s not altogether in sync with the very different world they’ve created in their dreams. It’s very Surreal, to be sure, and the main character has what we Americans would probably call issues, but all the same I love the unswerving faith he has in his artistic vision.

Anyhoo, the week should be fun as I try to catch up on NaNoWriMo, work on some freelance articles, do research for the novel, and recover from this flu. God help us.