Library Blogging: Task #1, 2, 3 & 4


So. My workplace has decided to drag us all kicking and screaming into the postdigital age by having us perform 23 (?) tasks related to various Web applications. Tasks #1, 2, 3, and 4 involve blogging: learning about it, setting up a blog, exposing one’s library self to the world.


To keep things simple, I’ll use this blog, although I’m reluctant introduce anything non-writing-related to it (as if that’s ever been a problem before). Library-related posts will be headlined thus: “Library Blogging: Task #X.” I’m supposed to report on my progress through the 23 (?) tasks via the blog. In other words, I get to time-suck on library time!!!

Task #2 was to read this missive. I can’t decide if it’s overly ambitious for overscheduled, overworked library staff, or if it’s awfully narrow-minded. I’m tempted to start my own list of Things to Do This Year, such as finish writing the damn novel, learn Swedish, get published in a major women’s magazine, learn to surf…that sort of thing. Am I really going to be lying on my deathbed muttering, “Ohhhhhh…I should’ve learned how to use Google Base. Is it too laaaaate?” Croak. Close curtain.

At least I’m already on Netflix. Are there really still people out there trekking out to Blockbuster?

Task #3 is to set up a blog. Again, the powers-that-be may live to regret this. It’s the topic du jour around the library, and who can blame them? How many of you guys out there are actually encouraged to blog on company time? And at the end of it, you’re given a chance to win a laptop if you faithfully record your progress. On your blog.

Did I mention that this is on company time?


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  1. Well I like the info on passwords and such. I actually prefer blockbuster over netflix cuz, in addition to 3 flix I get 2 more on top of that, its just cooler to me. Fer sure.Susie

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